日時 :2022年9月7日(水)13:15~17:30
Date/Time:13:15 to 17:30, September 7, 2022

Program:Link to Program Page

場所 :オンライン開催(途中参加・退出可)
Venue:※Zoom WebinarsおよびYouTubeにて配信
Held Online via Zoom Webinars and YouTube (Joining and leaving during the event are permitted)

参加費 :無料
Participation fee:Free of charge

お申し込み:Zoom Webinars
How to apply:事前登録制 お申込みはこちらから
Prior registration required Click here to apply

The Zoom Webinars URL will be provided after you register for the event.

For Zoom, we will stop accepting applications when the maximum enrollment is reached.


お問い合わせ:JAMSTEC 総務部総務課・海洋科学技術戦略部対外戦略課
TEL:046-867-9030(受付時間 : 平日9:00-17:00)
Contact:General Affairs Section, General Affairs Department / Business Coordination Section, Marine Science and Technology Strategy Department
TEL:046-867-9030(9:00-17:00, Mon-Fri)