The Bar-Peled Lab at Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center Postdoctoral fellows

The Bar-Peled Lab at Harvard Medical School and MGH has open research postions!

Metabolic Signaling・Druggable Co-dependencies・Druggable Co-dependencies
Chemical Biology・Deregulated Transcription Factor Signaling

The Bar-Peled Lab of Harvard Medical School is now recruiting new lab members. Research in our lab sits at the interface of metabolism and signaling, and focuses on understanding how cancer cells respond to altered metabolic states. To answer these questions, we combine frontier molecular, chemical and proteomic approaches. We are looking for researchers who are ambitious, motivated, and unafraid to go in the directions that their research takes them. Our research is interdisciplinary and as such we look for members from diverse backgrounds. Success in research comes not only from persistence, creativity, and focus but also mentorship. We are committed to providing an exciting research environment that will allow you to reach your maximum scientific potential and a mentoring environment that will help you pursue your broader goals.

Postdoctoral fellows interested in combining molecular , chemical and proteomic approaches to address fundamental questions in metabolic signaling are encouraged to apply. A background in biochemistry and molecular biology with an emphasis on signal transduction, transcriptional regulation and metabolism is highly desirable. Candidates with computational biology skills are also encouraged to apply. Email Liron ( with a Cover letter your CV and contact information for three references. Learn more about research at