The Scleroprotein and Leather Research Institute at Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology Associate Professor (Tenure Track)

Associate Professor (Tenure Track)
in the Scleroprotein and Leather Research Institute
at Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology

1. Overview
Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology invites applications for one (1) associate professor for the tenure-track position in the field on the study of extracellular matrix and related substances. The tenure-track period is five years.
     The appointee will be affiliated to the Scleroprotein and Leather Research Institute and will run their independent research laboratory as a Principal Investigator. The appointee who makes outstanding achievements during the tenure-track period will be promoted to tenured position. The appointee will receive favorable treatment in the allocation of start-up funds for the initial launch of his/her laboratory, administrative support, etc. Furthermore, an environment in which he/she can focus on his/her research is provided with fewer duties in teaching and administrative work. He/she is expected to give lectures in his/her field of expertise at the affiliated department and graduate school and to advice graduate students for their thesis research. Tenure reviews are conducted in the third and fifth years of the tenure-track period by the review committee. If the evaluation indicates that the appointee is appropriate, he/she will be promoted to tenured position. If he/she makes a significant achievement, he/she may be promoted to the tenured position in the third year. Evaluation criteria will be established within six months after the appointment. As described below, salary and benefits of this tenure-track appointee is about the same as tenured faculty with similar ranks.

2. Recruitment Field
The Scleroprotein and Leather Research Institute aims to make advanced use of animal resources, and conduct basic to applied research on extracellular matrices and related biomolecules. This position is open to an enthusiastic researcher who is highly motivated to contribute to the following areas: 1) Extracellular Matrix, 2) Physiological Biochemistry, 3) Life science, and 4) Applied Biochemistry. We are looking for a faculty member who is willing and able to contribute to teaching and advising graduate students.

Research Field:
Extracellular matrix and Extracellular Matrix

Keywords for Research and Education:
(1) Extracellular Matrix
(2) Physiological Biochemistry
(3) Life science
(4) Applied Biochemistry

Number of Positions:
One position

3. Qualifications
Applicants need to meet all of the following qualifications.
1) An applicant who meets either of the following criteria:
   A) who has completed his/her Ph.D. through higher education in countries other than Japan
   B) who has approximately 5 years of research experience at research institutes in countries other than Japan.
2) Within approximately 10 years after completing PhD at the time of appointment
3) Ability to conduct international joint research and to write international co-authored papers.
4) Applicants must have the motivation and potential to obtain external funding (joint research funds, etc.) from overseas.

4. Selection policy
Our selection process emphasizes the following elements:
– Whether he/she has produced internationally recognized, outstanding achievements in his/her research.
– Whether he/she can contribute to education in our department and graduate school (i.e., in the field of Extracellular matrix and related substances).
– Whether he/she is engaged in original research that has a social impact.
– Whether he/she can contribute to international joint research and publish international co-authored papers.
Furthermore, to promote diversity and inclusion at TUAT, we are going to recruit researchers from countries other than Japan proactively in this selection.

5. Startup and Research Budgets, Research Space
The appointee will be provided with 9 million yen (4.5 million yen for the first year, the other 4.5 million yen for the second year) as a startup fund. For the remaining years, annual research budget which is similar to that of the tenured faculty members will be provided. Independent research space will be allocated at the time of appointment.
*The administrative assistant will receive a subsidy of 2.5 million yen per year for five years.

6. Additional Duties and How Tenure is Granted
The tenure-track associate professor in this call is desired to accomplish advanced research achievements through international collaborative research and international co-authored papers.
     Mid-term evaluation will be conducted during the third year of the appointment; tenure will be granted if he/she accomplishes outstanding achievements. A final evaluation will be conducted in the fifth year. Those who fail to pass the final evaluation will resign at the end of the tenure-track term, but will be permitted to enroll at TUAT as a specially appointed associate professor, up to a maximum of one year.

7. Teaching
He/she will be required to give lectures in their field of expertise at the department and the graduate school, and to supervise undergraduate and graduate students for their thesis research.

8. Salary
Annual salary system: Monthly basic salary of approximately 384,700 yen (amount for those with approximately 7 years of experience after completing a doctoral course. Depends on academic background and years of experience). In addition, various allowances and performance pay (bonuses) are provided.
*The total income for one year will be 8 million yen.

9. Institute of Affiliation and Place of Work
Affiliation: Scleroprotein and Leather Research, Agriculture
Institution name: Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
Type of institution: National University Corporation
Location: 3-8-1 Harumi-cho, Fuchu-shi, Tokyo 183-8538, Japan
Place of work: Fuchu Campus, 3-5-8 Saiwai-cho, Fuchu-shi, Tokyo 183-8509, Japan
Type of job: Associate professor
Working arrangements: Full time

10. Duration of Tenure-track Period
Five years from the time of appointment
(If the appointee is found to satisfy preset criteria in the tenure evaluation based on his/her research and teaching performance during the tenure-track period, he/she will be promoted to a tenured position)

11. Time of Appointment
As early as possible after February 1, 2025.

12. How to Apply and Documents Required
Please send your application documents to the following address and e-mail address:
・Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology Scleroprotein and Leather Research Institute 3-5-8 Saiwai-cho, Fuchu-shi, Tokyo, 183-8509, Japan
・decorin<at> (please replace <at> with @)

Before applying, make sure to read below.
Personal information relating to applications will be handled in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Law and TUAT’s regulations. The application will not be disclosed; however, it may require inquiries for the selection process. Note that the application documents will not be returned.

<Application Documents>
1) Curriculum vitae including all of your previous relevant experiences with a full publication list (PDF) <format>
2) PDF of your major publications (at least 5 is required)
3) Summary of past research activities (PDF) (in English, up to two A4 pages including figures each)
4) Overview of research plan at TUAT (PDF) (in English, up to two A4 pages including figures each)
5) Educational achievements and plan (PDF) (in English, up to one A4 page)
6) Names and contact information of two references (PDF)

Points to Note
1) All documents must be prepared in English or Japanese.
2) The size of each file is limited to maximum of 10 MB.

13. Deadline for Application
August 30, 2024, 5 pm (Japan Standard Time)

14. Selection Schedule
First selection (application document review) by 6 September, 2024
Interview for those short listed: by 28 September, 2024 (tentative)
Appointment: As early as 1 February, 2025 (tentative)

15. Inquiries (including contacts for general questions on application)
For any inquiries, please contact the chair of the search committee via email.

Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
Email: ny318<at> (please replace <at> with @)

16. Others
1) Please refer to the university’s application website ( www// ) for details of this call for applications.
2) The university actively promotes gender equality.
3) Based on the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act, TUAT conducts security checks when hiring new staff. We, therefore, ask you to provide information necessary for the security check. As a result of reviewing the information, if the applicant falls under any regulatory requirements, we may ask you to change the scope of your desired education and research. Additionally, if the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry disapproves TUAT’s request to approve your acceptance, our offer to you may be cancelled.