FAOBMB Education Special Travel Fellowships 30th FAOBMB Conference in Bangkok, Thailand, 2023

The FAOBMB is pleased to offer FAOBMB Education Special Travel Fellowships to PhD candidates and early career biochemistry/molecular biology educationists, to attend in person, at the 30th FAOBMB & 8th Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (BMB) Thailand Conference to take place in Bangkok, Thailand, from 22-25 November, 2023 and give an oral presentation on their education-based work. These Fellowships are intended for those who reside or are working outside the host country of the conference.

Applications for these fellowships are now invited from well qualified Graduate students/early career biochemistry/molecular biology educationists, from the FAOBMB region (excluding the host country) and within 15 years of completion of a PhD degree at the date of the application deadline (7 June, 2023).

Detailed Guidelines and the Application Form can be found at:

Applications close on 7 June, 2023 (1800 hours, AEST)

Information on the 30th FAOBMB/8th BMB Conference can be found on the Conference website https://www.bmbconference.org/faobmb2023/

Further information:
Professor Paul Gleeson, Chair FAOBMB Fellowships Committee