The FAOBMB Award for Research Excellence 2021

The FAOBMB Award for Research Excellence 2021につきまして通知がございましたのでお知らせいたします。



ABOUT THE FAOBMB Award for Research Excellence 2021
Nominees must be members of one of the FAOBMB constituent Societies or Groups with at least two years of continuous membership immediately prior to the nomination. The award winner will receive the award and citation from the FAOBMB President and present his or her work as the FAOBMB Research Excellence Award Lecture (pre-recorded) in a plenary session at the 16th FAOBMB Congress to be held in Christchurch, New Zealand during 22 – 25 November 2021. The award winner will receive complimentary registration for the FAOBMB conference as well as receiving an award and an honorarium of USD3000 provided by FAOBMB and sponsors. The 16th FAOBMB Congress is expected to proceed as a hybrid meeting and all international speakers will provide a pre-recorded lecture and be present during the live Q&A session. Should the Congress switch to a physical meeting a travel/accommodation allowance of up to USD2000 will also be provided.

Please submit nominations no later than 15 May 2021 via email to:

Professor Sheila Nathan
Secretary General of FAOBMB
Department of Biological Sciences and Biotechnology
Faculty of Science & Technology
Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia


On behalf of the FAOBMB, I invite you to nominate qualified candidates to be considered for the FAOBMB Award for Research Excellence. To this purpose, the 2021 nomination form together with the Guidelines are enclosed, which provide useful information on the FAOBMB Award for Research Excellence 2021. The deadline to receive complete applications for 2021 is 15 May 2021. The FAOBMB award winners will be notified at least 4 months before the conference.

Counting on your continued support, I am looking forward to working with you.


Professor Akira Kikuchi

President of FAOBMB