The FAOBMB Young Scientist Award 2021

The FAOBMB Young Scientist Award 2021につきまして通知がございましたのでお知らせいたします。



About the FAOBMB Young Scientist Award 2021
The FAOBMB Young Scientist Awards are awarded triennially to an outstanding distinguished young male and young female biochemist or molecular biologist, each of whom is a member of a Constituent Member Society or Group, and no more than 35 years of age. For this purpose, the date of birth of applicants must be no later than precisely 35 years before the closing dates for applications. Successful applicants will show clear evidence of academic excellence, especially in research, as evidenced by publications in peer-reviewed journals of high international standing and other indicators of research ability. The successful applicants should be highly recommended and will be expected to make a notable contribution to the FAOBMB Congress. The two Award Winners will each receive a certificate and present his or her work in a designated session of the FAOBMB Congress. The award winners will each receive complimentary registration for the FAOBMB Congress as well as an honorarium provided by FAOBMB through the endowment of Professor Yasuhiro Anraku (FAOBMB President 1996-1998).