The Journal of Biochemistry Table of Contents for May 2019



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JB Reviews
Featured article of the month. Multiple functions of the ER-resident
VAP and its extracellular role in neural development and disease
K. Kamemura and T. Chihara


Featured article of the month. Calcium signalling: a key regulator of
neuronal migration
S.-i. Horigane, Y. Ozawa, H. Yamada
and S. Takemoto-Kimura

Protein Structure
Structural insights into nucleotide and protein sequence of Ageritin:
a novel prototype of fungal ribotoxin
N. Landi, S. Ragucci, R. Russo,
P.V. Pedone, A. Chambery and A. Di Maro

Glycobiology and Carbohydrate Biochemistry
Implications of altered O-glycosylation in tumour immune evasion N. Itano 387
Biochemistry in Cell Membranes
Hepatitis B virus x protein accelerated the proliferation of hepatocellular
carcinoma cell through lncRNA SNHG20/PTEN pathway
W. Tu, Y. Yang, Y. Song and W. Zhu


Molecular Biology General
Mitotic phosphorylation of HP1α regulates its cell cycle-dependent
chromatin binding
G. Nishibuchi, S. Machida, R. Nakagawa,
Y. Yoshimura, K. Hiragami-Hamada,
Y. Abe, H. Kurumizaka, H. Tagami and
J.-i. Nakayama

Genes and Other Genetic Materials
A novel splicing variant of small nucleolar RNA host gene 4 is a
podocyte-selective non-coding RNA upregulated in response to
puromycin aminonucleoside-induced podocyte injury
A. Horikawa, T. Yoneda, E. Yaoita,
K. Yamaguchi, S. Shigenobu,
M. Kuramochi, J. Yamate, T. Inui and
O. Ishibashi

Tumor and Immunology
PMEPA1/TMEPAI knockout impairs tumour growth and lung metastasis
in MDA-MB-231 cells without changing monolayer culture cell growth
M. Abdelaziz, Y. Watanabe and M. Kato