JB Award – 1993-2003



2003(the 11th)

J. Hirabayashi, K. Hayama, H. Kaji, T. Isobe, and K. Kasai Affinity capturing and gene assignment of soluble glycoproteins produced by the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans Vol.132 No.1,
103-114 (2002)

2002(the 10th)

H. Ura, K. Harata, I. Matsui, and S. Kuramitsu Temperature Dependence of the Enzyme-Substrate Recognition Mechanism Vol.129 No.1, 173-178 (2001)
K. Konishi, S. Kojima, T. Katoh, M. Yazawa, K. Kato, K. Fujiwara, and H. Onishi Two New Modes of Smooth Muscle Myosin Regulation by the Interaction between the Two Regulatory Light Chains, and by the S2 Domain Vol.129 No.3, 365-372 (2001)
N. Nakamura, D. A. Hart, C. B. Frank, L. L. Marchuk, N. G. Shrive, N. Ota, K. Taira, H. Yoshikawa, and Y. Kaneda Efficient Transfer of Infact Oligonucleotides into the Nucleus of Ligament Scar Fibroblasts by HVJ-Cationic Liposomes Is Correlated with Effective Antisense Gene Inhibition Vol.129 No.5, 755-759 (2001)
T. Yamashita, A. Terakita, and Y. Shichida The Second Cytoplasmic Loop of Metabotropic Glutamate Receptor Functions at the Third Loop Position of Rhodopsin Vol.130 No.1, 149-155 (2001)
K. Soejima, N. Mimura, M. Hirashima, H. Maeda, T. Hamamoto, T. Nakagaki, and C. Nozaki A Novel Human Metalloprotease Synthesized in the Liver and Secreted into the Blood: Possibly, the von Willebrand Factor-Cleaving Protease? Vol.130 No.4, 475-480 (2001)
E. Hama, K.Shirotani, H. Masumoto, Y. Sekine-Aizawa, H. Aizawa, and T. C. Saido Clearance of Extracellular and Cell-Associated Amiloid ƒÀ Peptide through Viral Expression of Neprilysin in Primary Neurons Vol.130 No.6, 721-726 (2001)
C. Yamashita, Y. Aoyama, M. Noshiro, and Y. Yoshida Gonadotropin-Dependent Expression of Sterol 14-Demethylase P450(CYP51)in Rat Ovaries and Its Contribution to the Production of a Meiosis-Activating Steroid Vol.130 No.6, 849-856 (2000)

2001(the 9th)

S. Tsuchida, S. Yanagi, R. Inatome, J. Ding, P. Hermann, T. Tsujimura, N. Matsui, and H. Yamamura Purification of a 72-kDa Protein-Tyrosine Kinase from Rat Liver and Its Identification as Syk: Involvement of Syk in Signaling Events of Hepatocytes Vol.127 No.2, 321-327 (2000)
S. Nagamori, K. Nishiyama and H. Tokuda Two SecG Molecules Present in a Single Protein Translocation Machinery Are Functional Even after Crosslinking Vol.128 No.1, 129-137 (2000)
M. Ikemoto, T. Furuchi, H. Arai, and K. Inoue Dual Pathways for the Secretion of Lysosomal Cholesterol into a Medium from Cultured Macrophages Vol.128 No.2, 251-259 (2000)
H. Yoshida, N. Matsushima, Y. Kumaki, M. Nakata, and K. Hikichi NMR Studies of Model Peptides of PHGGGWGQ Repeats within the N-Terminus of Prion Proteins: A Loop Conformation with Histidine and Tryptophan in Close Proximity Vol.128 No.2, 271-281 (2000)
J. Ezaki, M.Takeda-Ezaki, and E. Kominami Tripeptidy Peptidase I, the Late Infantile Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis Gene Product, Initiates the Lysosomal Degradation of Subunit c of ATP Synthase Vol.128 No.3, 509-516 (2000)
M. Futatsumori, K. Kasai, H.Takatsu, H.W. Shin , and K.Nakayama Identification and Characterization of Novel Isoforms of COP I Subunits Vol.128 No.5, 793-801 (2000)
T. Hishiki, H. Shimada, S. Nagano, T. Egawa, Y. Kanamori, R. Makino, S.Y. Park, S. Adachi, Y.Shiro and Y. Ishimura X-Ray Crystal Structure and Catalytic Properties of Thr252Ile Mutant of Cytochrome P 450cam: Roles of Thr252 and Water in the Active Center Vol.128 No.6, 965-974 (2000)
S. Takashima, M. Kono, N. Kurosawa, Y. Yoshida, Y. Tachida, M. Inoue, T. Kanematsu, and S. Tsuji Genomic Organization and Transcriptional Regulation of the Mouse GD3 Synthase Gene (ST8Sia I): Comparison of Genomic Organization of the Mouse Sialyltransferase Genes Vol.128 No.6, 1033-1043 (2000)
N. Wakabayashi, R. Kageyama, T. Habu, T. Doi, T. Morita, M. Nozaki, M. Yamamoto, and Y. Nishimune A Novel Cis-Acting Element Regulates HES-1 Gene Expression in P19 Embryonal Carcinoma Cells Treated with Retinoic Acid Vol.128 No.6, 1087-1095 (2000)

2000(the 8th)

N. Kageyama, S. Natsuka, and S. Hase Molecular Cloning and Characterization of Two Zebrafish a(1,3)Fucosyltransferase Genes Developmentally Regulated in Embryogenesis Vol.125 No.4, 838-845 (1999)
H. Itabe, R. Hosoya, K. Karasawa, S. Jimi, K. Saku, S. Takebayashi, T. Imanaka, and T. Takano Matabolism of Oxidized Phosphatidylcholines Formed in Oxidized Low Density Lipoprotein by Lecithin-Cholesterol Acyltransferase Vol.126 No.1, 153-161 (1999)
H. Yamaguchi, T. Nishiyama, and M. Uchida Binding Affinity of N-Glycans for Aromatic Amino Acid Residues: Implications for Novel Interactions betweenN-Glycans and Proteins Vol.126 No.2, 261-265 (1999)
T. Kawakami, T. Suzuki, S.H. Baek, C.H. Chung, H. Kawasaki, H. Hirano, A. Ichiyama, M. Omata, and K. Tanaka Isolation and Characterization of Cytosolic and Membrane-Bound Deubiquitinylating Enzymes from Bovine Brain Vol.126 No.3, 612-623 (1999)
J. Hoseki, T. Yano, Y. Koyama, S. Kuramitsu, and H. Kagamiyama Directed Evolution of Thermostable Kanamycin-Resistance Gene: A Convenient Selection Marker forThermus thermophilus Vol.126 No.5, 951-956 (1999)
N. Nakagawa, M. Sugahara, R. Masui, R. Kato, K. Fukuyama, and S. Kuramitsu Crystal Structure of Thermus thermophilus HB8 UvrB Protein, a Key Enzyme of Nucleotide Excision Repair Vol.126 No.6, 986-990 (1999)
H. Konishi, T. Fujiyoshi, Y. Fukui, H. Matsuzaki, T. Yamamoto, Y. Ono, M. Andjelkovic, B.A. Hemmings, and U. Kikkawa Activation of Protein Kinase B Induced by H2O2 and Heat Shock through Distinct Mechanisms Dependent and Independent of Phosphatidylinositol 3-Kinase Vol.126 No.6, 1136-1143 (1999)
H. Miyamoto, F. Mitani, K. Mukai, M. Suematsu, and Y. Ishimura Studies on Cytogenesis in Adult Rat Adrenal Cortex: Circadian and Zonal Variations and Their Modulation by Adrenocorticotropic Hormone Vol.126 No.6, 1175-1183 (1999)

1999(the 7th)

S. Kobayashi, N. Okumura, M. Okada, and K. Nagai Depolarization-Induced Tyrosine Phosphorylation of p130cas Vol.123 No.4, 624-629 (1998)
K. Hata, T. Wada, A. Hasegawa, M. Kiso, and T. Miyagi Purification and Characterization of a Membrane-Associated Ganglioside Sialidase from Bovine Brain Vol.123 No.5, 899-905 (1998)
V. Vandamme-Feldhaus and R. Schauer Characterization of the Enzymatic 7-O-Acetylation of Sialic Acids and Evidence for Enzymatic O-Acetyl Migration from C-7 to C-9 in Bovine Submandibular Gland Vol.124 No.1, 111-121 (1998)
Y. Sato, H.N. Hong, N. Yanai, and M. Obinata Involvement of Stromal Membrane-Associated Protein (SMAP-1) in Erythropoietic Microenvironment Vol.124 No.1, 209-216 (1998)
N. Ishihara, T. Komiya, M. Sakaguchi, A. Ito, and K. Mihara Characterization of the Initial Steps of Precursor Import into Rat Liver Mitoplasts Vol.124 No.4, 824-834 (1998)
S. Ohno, T. Yokogawa, I. Fujii, H. Asahara, H. Inokuchi, and K. Nishikawa Co-Expression of Yeast Amber Suppressor tRNATyr and Tyrosyl-tRNA Synthetase in Escherichia coli: Possibility to Expand the Genetic Code Vol.124 No.6, 1065-1068 (1998)
E. Taguchi, H. Muramatsu, Q.-W. Fan, N. Kurosawa, G. Sobue, and T. Muramatsu Zep: A Novel Zinc Finger Protein Containing a Large Proline-Rich Domain Vol.124 No.6, 1220-1228 (1998)

1998(the 6th)

X. Wang, S. Yanagi, C. Yang, R. Inatome, and H. Yamamura Tyrosine Phosphorylation and Syk Activation Are Involved in Thrombin-Induced Aggregation of Epinephrine-Potentiated Platelets Vol.121 No.2, 325-330 (1997)
Y. Sambongi, T. Wakabayashi, T. Yoshimizu, H. Omote, T. Oka, and M. Futai Caenorhabditis elegans cDNA for a Menkes/Wilson Disease Gene Homologue and Its Function in a Yeast CCC2 Gene Deletion Mutant Vol.121 No.6, 1169-1175 (1997)
G.A. Rabinovich, N.M. Modesti, L.F. Castagna, C.A. Landa, C.M. Riera, and C.E. Sotomayor Specific Inhibition of Lymphocyte Proliferation and Induction of Apoptosis by CLL-I, a b-Galactoside-Binding Lectin Vol.122 No.2, 365-373 (1997)
M. Kawasaki, T. Mogi, and Y. Anraku Substitutions of Charged Amino Acid Residues Conserved in Subunit I Perturb the Redox Metal Centers of the Escherichia coli bo-Type Ubiquinol Oxidase Vol.122 No.2, 422-429 (1997)
T. Akaike, K. Inoue, T. Okamoto, H. Nishino, M. Otagiri, S. Fujii, and H. Maeda Nanomolar Quantification and Identification of Various Nitrosothiols by High Performance Liquid Chromatography Coupled with Flow Reactors of Metals and Griess Reagent Vol.122 No.2, 459-466 (1997)
H. Eguchi, S. Kaya, A. Shimada, Y. Ootomo, K. Nomoto, M. Kikuchi, Y. Usida, and K. Taniguchi ATP-Induced Dynamic Fluorescence Changes of a N-[p-(2-Benzimidazolyl)Phenyl]Maleimide Probe at Cys241 in the a-Chain of Pig Stomach H+,K+-ATPase Vol.122 No.3, 659-665 (1997)
S. Amano, H. Kawasaki, S. Ishiura, S. Kawashima, K. Suzuki, and Y. Emori Identification of Endogenous Substrates for DrosophilaCalpain from a Salt-Extracted Fraction of Drosophila Ovaries Vol.122 No.4, 865-871 (1997)

1997(the 5th)

Koichi HONKE, Miwako YAMANE, Atsushi ISHII, Takahiko KOBAYASHI, and Akira MAKITA Purification and Characterization of 3′-Phosphoadenosine-5′-Phosphosulfate : GalCer Sulfotransferase from Human Renal Cancer Cells Vol.119 No.3, 421-427 (1996)
Hisashi MIZUTANI, Ikuko MIYAHARA, Ken HIROTSU, Yasuzo NISHINA, Kiyoshi SHIGA, Chiaki SETOYAMA, and Retsu MIURA Three-Dimensional Structure of Porcine Kidney D-Amino Acid Oxidase at 3.0 A Resolution Vol.120 No.l, 14-17 (1996)
Nobuhiko MIURA, Nobuhiro ISHIDA, Masato HOSHINO, Masatake YAMAUCHI, Takahiko HARAH, Dai AYUSAWA, and Masao KAWAKITA Human UDP-galactose Translocator: Molecular Cloning of a Complementary DNA That Complements the Genetic Defect of a Mutant Cell Line Deficient in UDP-Galactose Translocator Vol.120 No.2, 236-241 (1996)
Naoko NORIOKA, Shigemi NORIOKA, Yoshimi OHNISHI, Takeshi ISHIMIZU, Chitose ONEYAMA, Tetsu NAKANISHI, and Fumto SAKIYAMA Molecular Cloning and Nucleotide Sequences of cDNAs Encoding S-Allele Specific Stylar RNases in a Self-Incompatible Cultivar and Its Self-Compatible Mutant of Japanese Pear, Pyrus pyrifolia Nakai Vol.120 No.2, 335-345 (1996)
Ohoshi MURAYAMA, Hitoshi NISHIDA, and Kiyotoshi SEKIGUCHI Novel Peptide Ligands for Integrin a6b1 Selected from a Phage Display Library Vol.120 No.2, 445-451 (1996)
Ling Ling JIANG, Akio KOBAYASHI, Hitomi MATSUURA, Hirofumi FUKUSHIMA, and Takashi HASHIMOTO Purification and Properties of Human D-3-Hydroxyacyl-CoA Dehydratase : Medium-Chain Enoyl-CoA Hydratase Is D-3-Hydroxyacyl-CoA Dehydratase Vol.120 No.3, 624-632 (1996)
Rieko KURODA, Jun-ya KINOSHITA, Masanori HONSHO, Jun-ya MITOMA, and Akio ITO In Situ Topology of Cytochrome b5 in the Endoplasmic ReticuIum Membrane Vol.120 No.4, 828-833 (1996)
Eiji SAKASHITA and Hiroshi SAKAMOTO Protein-RNA and Protein-Protein Interactions of the Drosophila Sex-Lethal Mediated by Its RNA-Binding Domains Vol.120 No.5, 1028-1033 (1996)

1996(the 4th)

Junji KISHINO, Keiko KAWAMOTO, Jun ISHIZAKI, Hubertus M.VERHEIJ, Osamu OHARA, and Hitoshi ARITA Pancreatic-Type Phospholipase A2 Activates Prostaglandin E2 Production in Rat Mesangial Cells by Receptor Binding Reaction Vol.I17, No.2, 420-424 (1995)
Koji IGARASHI, Kenji ASAI, Mizuho KANEDA, Masato UMEDA, and Keizo INOUE Specific Binding of a Synthetic Peptide Derived from an Antibody Complementarity Determining Region to Phosphatidylserine Vol.I17, No.2, 452-457 (1995)
Saori ICHIKAWA, Hideki HATANAKA, Yoriko TAKEUCHI, Shigeo OHNO and Fuyuhiko INAGAKI Solution Structure of Cysteine-Rich Domain of Protein Kinase Ca Vol.I17, No.3, 566-574 (1995)
Akio TAKENAKA, Osamu MATSUMOTO, Yixin CHEN, Sei-ichi HASEGAWA, Toshiyuki CHATAKE, Masaru TSUNODA, Tsutomu OHTA, Yasuo KOMATSU, Makoto KOIZUMI, and Eiko OHTSUKA Structural Composition of Hammerhead Ribozymes Vol.I17, No.4, 850-855 (1995)
Hiroyuki FUKUI, Hiroyuki MIZUGUCHI, Ye Qi LIU, Nai Ping WANG, Hideyuki HAYASHI, Kenji KANAGAWA, Tateaki WAKAMIYA, Rob LEURS, Tetsuo SHIBA, and Hisayuki MATSUO Purification and Characterization of [3H]Mepyramine (Histamine Hl Antagonist)-Binding Protein from Rat Liver: A Highly Homologous Protein with Cytochrome P450 2D Vol.I17, No.5, 993-998 (1995)
Juan ALVAREZ-BRAVO, Shoichiro KURATA, and Shunji NATORI Mode of Action of an Antibacterial Peptide, KLKLLLLLKLK-NH2 Vol.I17, No.6, 1312-1316 (1995)
Hiroya OBAMA, Jun-ichiro TSUTSUI, Masayuki OZAWA, Hiroki YOSHIDA, Yoshihiro YOSHIDA, Mitsuhiro OSAME, and Takashi MURAMATSU Midkine (MK) Expression in Extraembryonic Tissues, Amniotic Fluid, and Cerebrospinal Fluid during Mouse Embryogenesis Vol.I18, No.l. 88-93 (1995)
Yasunobu MATSUDA, Kunio MATSUMOTO, Takafumi ICHIDA, and Toshikazu NAKAMURA Hepatocyte Growth Factor Suppresses the Onset of Liver Cirrhosis and Abrogates Lethal Hepatic Dysfunction in Rats Vol.118, No.3, 643-649 (1995)
Hideyuki YAMAMOTO, Masato HASEGAWA, Tsunehiko ONO, Kazuhiro TASHIMA, Yasuo IHARA, and Eishichi MIYAMOTO Dephosphorylation of Fetal-Tau and Paired Helical Filaments-Tau by Protein Phosphatases 1 and 2A and Calcineurin Vol.I18, No.6, 1224-1231 (1995)

1995(the 3rd)

Itaru NITTA, Takuya UEDA, and Kimitsuna WATANABE Template-Dependent Peptide Formation on Ribosomes Catalyzed by Pyridine Vol.I15, No.4, 803-807 (1994)
Tetsuro FUJISAWA, Tomoya URUGA, Ziro YAMAIZUMI, Yoji INOKO, Susumu NISHI-MURA, and Tatzuo UEKI The Hydrati9n of Ras p21 in Solution during GTP Hydrolysis Based on Solution X-Ray Scattering Profile Vol.115, No.5, 875-880 (1994)
Akihiko TSUJI, Ryoichi ODA, Kohji SAKIYAMA, Hideaki NAGAMUNE, Kohji ITOH, Ryoichi KASE, Hitoshi SAKURABA, Yoshiyuki SUZUKI, and Yoshiko MATSUDA Lysosomal Enzyme Replacement Using a2-Macroglobulin as a Transport Vehicle Vol.115, No.5, 937-944 (1994)
Akihiko NAKANO, Hideshi OTSUKA, Mami YAMAGISHI, Eiichi YAMAMOTO, Keitaro KIMURA, Shuh-ichi NISHIKAWA, and Toshihiko OKA Mutational Analysis of the Sar1 Protein, a Small GTPase Which Is Essential for Vesicular Transport from thc Endoplaslmic Reticulum Vol.116 No.2, 243-247 (1994)
Rashidul ALAM, Naomi HACHIYA, Masao SAKAGUCHI, Shun-ichiro KAWABATA, Sada-aki IWANAGA, Masato KITAJIMA, Katsuyoshi MIHARA, and Tsuneo OMURA cDNA Cloning and Characterization of Mitochondrial Import Stimulation Factor (MSF) Purificd from Rat Liver Cytosol Vol.116 No.2, 416-425 (1994)
Yoshimitsu KIMURA, Kazuhiko SONEHARA, Etsuro KURAMOTO, Tadashi MAKlNO, Saburo YAMAMOTO, Toshiko YAMAMOTO, Tetsuro KATAOKA, and Tohru TOKU-NAGA Binding of Oligoguanylate to Scavenger Receptors Is Required for Oligonucleotides to Augment NK Cell Activity and Induce IFN Vol.116, No.5, 991-994 (1994)
Ikuko MIYAHARA, Ken HIROTSU, Hideyuki HAYASHI, and Hiroyuki KAGAMIYAMA X-Ray Crystallographic Study of Pyridoxamine 5′-Phosphate-Type Aspartate Aminotransferases fromEscherichia coli in Three Forms Vol.116, No.5, 1001-1012 (1994)
Mi-Yeon PARK, Hiroshi OMOTE, Masatomo MAEDA, and Masamitsu FUTAI Conserved Glu-181 and Arg-182 Residues ofEscherichia coli H+-ATPase (ATP Synthase) b Subunit Are Essential for Catalysis: Properties of 33 Mutants between bGlu-161 and bLys-201 Residues Vol.ll6 No.5, I139-1145 (1994)
Kunishige KATAOKA, Katsuyuki TANIZAWA, Toshio FUKUI, Hiroshi UENO, Tohru YOSHIMURA, Nobuyoshi ESAKI, and Kenji SODA Identification of Active Site Lysyl Residues of Phenylalanine Dehydrogenase by Chemical Modification with Methyl Acetyl Phosphate Combined with Site-Directed Mutagenesis Vol.116, No.6, 1370-1376 (1994)

1994(the 2nd)

Yoshihiro KONISHI, Katsuyuki TANIZAWA, Susumu MUROYA, and Toshio FUKUI Molecular Cloning, Nucleotide Sequencing, and Affinity Labeling of Bovine Liver UDP-Glucose Pyrophosphorylase Vol.114, No.l, 61-68 (1993)
Rika NANBU, Takeo KUBO, Takashi HASHIMOTO, and Shunji NATORl Purification of an AU-Rich RNA Binding Protein from Sarcophaga peregrina (Flesh Fly) ancl Its Identification as a Thiolase Vol.114, No.3, 432-437 (1993)
Kyoko NAKASHIMA, Akemi SUGIURA, and Takeshi MIZUNO Functional Reconstitution of the PutativeEscherichia coli Osmosensor, KdpD, into Liposomes Vol.114, No.4, 615-621 (1993)
Masashi AKI, Naoki SHIMBARA, Makoto TAKASHINA, Kinya AKIYAMA, Susumu KAGAWA, Tomohiro TAMURA, Nobuyuki TANAHASHI, Tetsuro YOSHIMURA, Keiji TANAKA, and Akira ICHIHARA Interferon-g Induces Different Subunit Organizations and Functional Diversity of Proteasomes Vol.115, No.2, 257-269 (1994)
Hiromu TAKEMATSU, Takehiro KAWANO, Susumu KOYAMA, Yasunori KOZUTSUMI, Akemi SUZUKI, and Toshisuke KAWASAKI Reaction Mechanism Underlying CMP-N-Acetylneuraminic Acid Hydroxylation in Mouse Liver: Formation of a Ternary Complex of Cytochrome b5, CMP-N-Acetylneuraminic Acid, and a Hydroxylation Enzyme Vol.115, No.3, 381-386 (1994)
Kiyomitsu NARA, Shiho ITO, Teizo ITO, Yohko SUZUKI, Magdy A. GHONEIM, Shinro TACHIBANA, and Shigehisa HIROSE Elastase Inhibitor Elafin Is a New Type of Proteinase Inhibitor Whicfh Has a Transglutaminase-Mediated Anchoring Sequence Termed “Cementoin” Vol.115, No.3, 441-448 (1994)

1993(the 1st)

Katsuhiko TAKAYANAGI and Takeshi MIZUNO Activation of the Osmoregulated ompF andompC Genes by the OmpR Protein inEscherichia coli: A Study Involving Chimeric Promoters Vol.112, No.1, 1-6 (1992)
Masanori MITTA, Hiroshi OHNOGI, Akira YAMAMOTO, lkunoshin Kato, Fumio SAKIYAMA, and Susumu TSUNASAWA The Primary Structurc of Porcine Aminoacylase 1 Deduced from cDNA Sequence Vol.112, No.6, 737-742 (1992)
Tadashi YOSHIMOTO, Taiji SSHIMODA, Ana KITAZONO, Tsutomu KABASHIMA, Kiyoshi ITO, and Daisuke TSURU Pyroglutamyl Peptidase Gene from Bacillus amyloliquefaciens: Cloning, Sequencing, Ex- pression, and Crystallization of the Expressed Enzyme Vol.113, No.3, 67-73 (1993)
Akemi OTA, Jjro SEKI, Xiao Liang LIU, Yu ZHAO, Xiaohui WANG, Kiyoshi KONDO, Nobuo SAKATO, Taroh KINOSHITA, and Hajime FUJIO Characteristics of the Epitope of Protein-Reactive Anti-Peptide Antibodies Vol.113, No.1, 314-320 (1993)
Yuji NISHIZAWA, Jun UEMATSU, and Katsushi OWARIBE HD4, a 180 kDa Bullous Pemphigoid Antigen, Is a Major Transmembrane Glycoprotein of the Hemidesmosome Vol.113, No.4, 493-501 (1993)
Yoshito IHARA, Atsushi NISHIKAWA, Takaya TOHMA, Hidenobu SOEJIMA, Norio NIIKAWA, and Naoyuki TANIGUCHI cDNA Cloning, Expression, and Chromosomal Localization of Human N-Acetylglucosaminyl- transferase III (GnT-III) Vol.113, No.6, 692-698 (1993)
Senarath B.P. ATHAUDA, Eiji IDO, Hideo ARAKAWA, Masaaki Nishigai, Hiroyuki KYUSHIKI, Yoshiyuki YOSHINAKA, Takayuki TAKAHASHI, Atsushi lKAI, Jordan TANG, and Kenji TAKAHASHI Entrapment and Inhibition of Human Immunodeficiency Virus Proteinase by a2-Macroglobulin and Structural Changes in the Inhibitor Vol.113, No.6, 742-746 (1993)
Shin-ichi UGAI, Tomohiro TAMURA, Nobuyuki TANAHASHI, Shigeharu TAKAI, Nobuhiko KOMAI, Chin Ha CHUANG, Keiji TANAKA, and Akira lCHIHARA Purification and Characterization of the 26S Proteasome Complex Catalyzing ATP-Dependent Breakdown of Ubiquitin-Ligated Proteins from Rat Liver Vol.113, No.6, 754-768 (1993)