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A New Policy adopted by the JB Editorial Board Committee


JB Editorial Board

A new “Instructions to Authors”
The “Instructions to Authors”, to which we have made some changes, appears in Vol. 139, No. 4 and may also be viewed on our homepage. When submitting manuscripts, please conform to the instructions.

Editing service no longer available
The editing service that we used to offer for papers accepted for publication in JB has been suspended.Authors are fully responsible for the English and diction of the papers that may need editing upon submission to JB on and after May 1st, 2006.

JB-Online viewing for accepted papers prior to publication in JB
The accepted papers, which the authors finish editing before submission on and after May 1st, 2006, will appear on our online Web site arranged in the order of acceptance and in the PDF format as accepted.

JB-Online archives completed
All papers so far published in JB starting with Vol. 1, No.1 will be available on the HighWire Web site by the end of April 2006 (

After July 2006, foreign researchers will join our editorial board as editors, associate editors, and advisory board members, among whom half will be Japanese researchers.

For the prompt publication of manuscripts, authors are encouraged to use the JB-Online manuscript submission and reviewing system. For further details online, visit: Instructions for Online Submission (


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